Leadership Programs

Altruistic Activism & Stewardship

“Do you want to learn how to live or do you want to learn how to be life?”
~ Elizabeth Sarahor

The Nature Studies Conservatory is an evolving, diverse learning community. Students and instructors learn, develop, and work together to create new strategies and build collaborative relationships (mutual commitment, trust, and respect) with individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities for achieving a shared collective vision—sustainable evolution. The Culture of Sustainability Outreach programs and resources offer additional community-based opportunities to receive mentoring, practice skills, network, and establish professional relationships.

Our Approach

Culture-infused ecological, social, and economic transformation  

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Collaborative
  • Experiential
  • Research
  • Community Entrepreneurship, Corporate-Organization Partnerships & Eco-Commerce
  • Community Service
  • Leadership Development

Interdisciplinary Community-Based Learning 

Transformative, experiential-based learning/education and research

  • Leadership development: certificate and diploma programs, corporate training, public education, and community service projects for local and global renewal.
  • Learning from the world around us, building diverse partnerships and acquiring the knowledge base/skill development via local and international learning experientials to revitalize our own communities.

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