The Conservatory’s Founder

Dr. Myra Miller is an ecology-oriented, transpersonal psychologist; a researcher; and community educator. Dr. Miller founded the Nature Studies Conservatory and the Culture of Sustainability Outreach to help contribute local and global green-sustainable culture. She is also the founder of the Earth Mother Council and the Women's Collective for Self-Healing.

Dr. Miller developed a sustainable living model to help balance the internal and external aspects of our environment. The state/quality of our internal lives corresponds to the state/quality of our relationships (social, business, family, intimate partnerships, Earth/nature) and our creations (mind-body wellbeing, work-life balance, community, structural environment). Efforts to preserve the Earth, to achieve local/global sustainable culture, and to live optimally (mind-body health and wellbeing) also require balancing our internal environment.

Dr. Miller's Research

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Miller has studied how heart-connected, nature relationship as the foundation of a built environment affects social, cultural, and spiritual-consciousness development. Her research explores transpersonal development and aesthetic, green-sustainable design harmonized with the natural landscape/ecosystems in creating a societal structure (sustainable culture) that is also synchronized with the natural environment, cycles, and frequencies. This synchronization has the potential to engage and aligned the community in caring reciprocal relationship directly and indirectly enhancing the wellbeing of the residents and co-existing ecosystems reducing land/water geopathic stress. A harmonized natural, societal, and built environment reduces overconsumption and maximizes conservation and efficiency of personal/community resources.

Dr. Miller travels within the US and internationally to present her research and to assist in developing green-sustainable culture.

Contact Dr. Miller to learn more about her research or to discuss a collaborative sustainability project.