COS Outreach

Culture of Sustainability: Community, Relationship, & Transformation

"There is no subject more captivating, more worthy of study, than nature.” ~ Nikola Tesla

The Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach works collaboratively with individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities to develop restorative relationships with our environment. We create and invest in new green-sustainable ways of being via social-economic and environmental stewardship as well as environmental design. We involved in partnerships and collaborative projects; learning and working together to create innovative strategies for achieving a shared collective vision—sustainable evolution.

The COS provides applied-research, nature immersions with post-retreat inquiry groups and resources. The retreats are tailored to engage and support people interested in co-creating sustainable local/global communities, reducing personal/collective carbon footprints, and contributing to the restoration of the planet. These visioning immersions are an opportunity for personal and group inquiry in beautiful, green-sustainable settings in the U.S. and around the world.

Contact us to learn more about the COS visioning immersions or to discuss a collaborative sustainability project.