Our Mission is to provide nature immersion studies and community education to reduce overconsumption, inspire stewardship, and conserve natural resources; optimize health and wellbeing and improve quality of life; contribute to the healing of local-global communities; and develop restorative relationship with our environment/the Earth.

Our Vision is to create and provide local and global resources that contribute to the healing, building, and restoration of individuals, families, communities, and our environment.

Evolving as a Thriving Green-Sustainable Culture

The Nature Studies Conservatory (NSC) was created to help facilitate the recovery of our planet and local-global communities. We provide community education and resources to improve quality of life and optimizing whole life health and wellbeing. Our focus is building restorative relationships with the environment (mind-body, family, partner/friends, home/workplace, local-global community, and Nature/the Earth).

Options for our nature immersion studies:

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Personal Courses
  • Community Classes
  • Study-Abroad, Leadership Certificate Program

Our leadership program:

  • Develops innovative green strategies using individual and community-based methods of inquiry.
  • Facilitates social, economic, and environmental stewardship.
  • Maximizes personal and community resources via entrepreneurship, the arts, science, and technology.

Our comprehensive approach addresses the multi-layered issues that not only affect the planet’s ecosystems and resources; but, also social-economic development; health and wellbeing; and our quality of life. The connection between societal structure and relationship development has far reaching implications in co-creating a sustainable culture that is harmonized with the environment.

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